Welcome to Winton Primary

Welcome to Winton Primary School we hope you get a flavour of our school by viewing our website.  The aim of our site is to tell you everything you need to know about the school as well as letting you see what is going on in school on a day to day basis.  The tabs above lead to information about the school and the blog posts below show you what has been happening in school recently.

Miss Churchward sent two people for a Headteacher Award today.  One had learnt his number bonds so well and practised them in Maths Workshop she felt he deserved an award.  The other wrote a brilliant "Don't forget the bacon!" story that included adjectives, commas, full stops and capitals.

Yesterday's Headteacher Awards went to two Reception class pupils for great Holiday homework.  One had produced a table about different countries detailing their flags, currency and language.  The other had written a story and made their own book out of it.

Great work girls!

This week reception have been focusing on the famous children's book 'Handa's Surprise'.

Whilst pupils and staff have been relaxing and enjoying the school holiday, Stepnell Construction have been able to make real progress without anyone getting in their way!

There is a lot in the news about voting at the moment!  However the most important voting for Winton is in the Castlepoint Easter Egg competition.