Welcome to Winton Primary

Welcome to Winton Primary School we hope you get a flavour of our school by viewing our website.  The aim of our site is to tell you everything you need to know about the school as well as letting you see what is going on in school on a day to day basis.  The tabs above lead to information about the school and the blog posts below show you what has been happening in school recently.

As we break up for the Easter holiday the pupils and staff will be able to have a well deserved break!  Whilst we want everyone to enjoy the holiday there are some home learning tasks that children can do to prepare for next term or keep their skills topped up.

Family Seal this week was all about how we respond to negative feelings.  All children experience angry feelings and as

On the 18th March 5UR had a class assembly.

We didn't want to do the usual type assembly so decided to present a play.

As part of our science learning this term, Year 1 have been thinking about what animals need to live and grow.

Here are some great number sentences produced after some practical maths work in Pear class.  Having carefully counted out items this young learner was able to turn them into number sentences and r