Welcome to Winton Primary

Welcome to Winton Primary School. We hope you get a flavour of our school by viewing our website.  The aim of our site is to tell you everything you need to know about the school as well as letting you see what is going on in school on a day to day basis.  The tabs above lead to information about the school and the blog posts below show you what has been happening in school recently.

On the morning of the 14th July, Year Four took part in a very special event – an alternative Olympic games!

...and here it is! The Official 2016 Leavers Video is now on YouTube. Please like, share and enjoy. You can also download the Year 6 group photo that appears on the front of the yearbook from here. Have a great summer!


On Wednesday 13th July 2016 Year Four had a special day of arts and crafts to celebrate the wide range of famous artists found in Europe.

On Saturday 9th July, eighty-four excited children and adults travelled by coach to London to visit The National Gallery to see an exhibition that included artwork they had created in the autumn te