Welcome to Winton Primary

Welcome to Winton Primary School we hope you get a flavour of our school by viewing our website.  The aim of our site is to tell you everything you need to know about the school as well as letting you see what is going on in school on a day to day basis.  The tabs above lead to information about the school and the blog posts below show you what has been happening in school recently.

Our new Reception children completed their first four mornings in school last week and are getting ready for a whole week of full-time fun this week!

They had lots of fun meeting new people, making new friends and playing with new toys.

I had a really enjoyable afternoon in Year 4 today helping the children learn how to code. The children were brilliant and, by the end of the session, many had grasped how to use 'sub routines' to automate common tasks. The children used a free app called 'Light-bot'.

Pictured above are two computer progammers of the future!  They worked in their computing lesson to complete a programming challenge in a piece of software called Lightbot.

Year 1 have started their project learning about the history of toys and bears with a really exciting visit to Build a Bear in town.

As our hook for our new topic 'Where does it go?' the children were set the challenge of getting water from one place to another, working collaboratively.